To begin, we were unfamiliar with MBB's services, however any concerns were allayed after talking with a friend who gave us a personal recommendation. We had recently had a very average experience with a project builder in Perth and were sceptical that any of the project builders around Busselton would be any different.
The fact that MBB's trades had used the company as their own home builder and that they all had been with MBB for some years was testament to how you were running your business.
We particularly appreciated the flexibility during the build, this was fantastic. No ridiculous alteration charges as with the project builders, so we ended up with a beautiful home exactly how we wanted it. Build quality was way ahead of our last project-built home.
Brick veneer construction with upsized timber studwork as standard. Seeing nice straight gyprock lined walls with insulation everywhere was reassuring.
Being able to visit the site at any time during the build was valuable as we were able to carry out minor modifications as the build progressed.
Anyone we meet who is planning to build gets MBB as our recommendation. We openly share with them our building experience with MBB.
If we decided to build again, we would most likely go straight back to MBB. A very likeable and trustworthy builder. It was good to keep in touch with Mick and share ideas about the house in general.
It was also nice to see Ben’s involvement which will hopefully bring the drafting in-house. Though our experience with drawing the house plans wasn’t a bad one, the outsourcing meant that we were restricted by the draftsman’s availability to us – a bit frustrating.
Overall, a very happy house building experience. Thanks Mick.

Steve & Felicity - New Build - Willow Grove