Building, in general, is pretty stressful. That’s what you always hear. That’s what I'd heard. When I compare my experience with Mick to others experiences, I realise how easy Mick made the whole thing for me.
When I first decided to build my home I had no idea where to start. To give me an idea of what he could do, Mick showed me plans and took me to see homes he’d built. Seeing his workmanship made me so much more comfortable choosing him.
When I had decided I wanted to build with Mick, my next biggest concern was sticking to my budget. Mick never tried to talk me into something that wasn’t in my budget, in fact, he actively helped me stick to it, without compromising on workmanship.
Everything was explained clearly, from planning stage to final lock up. He was very patient, meeting me at every stage of the process, over coffee. I asked many questions and never felt foolish or belittled. Involving me, the way he did, meant I always fully understood how things were going and was able to raise any concerns as they came up.
I have now been in my house a year, and if there is ever a small problem, like my sliding door not sliding, all I do is text Mick and he immediately gives me the appropriate numbers to fix the problem.
I love my house, and can honestly say, building with Mick was great, and any stresses or fears were quickly addressed and allayed.

Jan - New Home - Provence