Mick Bray Building was recommended to me by several people who had built with him before and they had really positive experiences.  MBB provide excellent customer service, very prompt and competitive pricing… even compared to a project builder, lots of freedom to choose trades and complete some of the work ourselves. I love my new home, one of the best benefits of building with MBB was the flexibility to make changes as we went… no ridiculous Variation orders and fees. Just a “Yes sure, we can do that” attitude.  I would recommend Mick Bray Building to anyone who wanted to build in the South West. If I build again (which is always a possibility with me!) I would build with MBB again in a heartbeat. Building with MBB was just an all-round great experience. This was the fifth house I have built and by far the best experience I have had so far.

Sheona - New Home - Dunsborough